The current market demands real estate agents to use floor plans and other media products for every listing. Which, in turn, demands you as a real estate photographer to offer these as part of your service.

We can help you expand your range of services to your clients. By adding our products to your services, you will add value to your business, save time and be able to gain higher profit from each assignment. So let us take some load of your shoulders and assist you in providing complete real estate presentations to your clients. 

See below to learn more.

  • Floor Plans

    No need to draft your floorplans in the evening after a long day of shooting properties. Let us create your 2D / 3D interactive floor plans. Upload your sketch in the evening and receive your floorplans the next day.

    The floor plans are suitable for cross media presentations (share links on Facebook, twitter etc). The interactive floor plan can also be embedded on the clients website, creating interaction with prospects.

  • Visualizations

    Did you shoot an empty property? Or one with an outdated interior? Offer your client a photo realistic redner. Based on your photo we create a 3D model and render a photorealistic image that shows the full potential of the property. And don’t leave it up to the imagination of your clients.

    You can use the images on real estate portals but also in your brochure and on your own website.

  • 360° tours

    With the 360° photos you shoot, we can create the 360° tour and have it ready for you the next day. A floor plan can be added so the client gets an optimal understanding of the property.
    We can also create a 360° tour with visualizations.

    It shows the property 24/7 online, visible on pc, tablet, phone or via Google Cardboard. The link can be shared via social media and reach a big audience. Th link is also suitable for Google Cardboard.

Frequently Asked

Can I order floor plans in different styles?
Yes, we understand that you work for multiple clients. So whe can add the different styles you need as an option to your webshop. While ordering you choose the style you want and our drafters will send you the correct style back.
What are the payment options?
You can pay via Ideal or Paypal (no extra cost).
How can I order my floorplans?
You can order your floorplans and visualizations directly in your own webshop linked to your account. Ordering 24/7, checking the floorplans and downloading the files. We will also add your personal requirements to your account so all our drafters know exactly what to do.

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