Real Estate Marketing is gaining importance and as a real estate agent or property developer you are constantly challenged to remain distinctive and make your listings stand out. Learn all about how our floor plans, 360° tours & visualizations do just that.

With Blinqlab you gain more property listings, sell properties quicker and enhance your brand reputation.


  • Black & White floorplan
  • Floor Plans

    Show the potential of your property with our interactive 2D and 3D floor plans. A floor plan offers an overview of all dimensions and rooms. Therefore you offer the potential buyers the opportunity to take a look at your property from different perspectives and all the possibilities of your property become visible.
    These plans are digital, interactive, and displayable both in 2D as well as in 3D.

    Interactive floor plans  |  2D floor plans

  • Visualizations

    Based on a photo or a sketch, we create a 3D model and render a photorealistic image that shows the full potential of the property. In that way you show your building or renovation plans and don’t leave it up to the imagination of your clients.

    You can use the images on real estate portals but also in your brochure and on your own website.

    Interiors  |  Exteriors  |  360° visualizations  |  Birdeye views  |  Dollhouses

  • 360° tours

    Potential buyers often find it difficult to visualize the possibilities that a home or building offers. With these 360° images you show them the full potential of the property.

    Show your building plans 24/7 online via a virtual tour that is visible on pc, tablet, phone and interactive via the Google Cardboard. In addition you can share the link via social media and reach a big audience.

    360° tours visualizations

Frequently Asked

What are your prices?
Our pricing depends on your volume and personal wishes. So please fill in the form below and we'll send you more info.
Do you guarantee the delivery times?
Yes we do! We understand the commitment you made to your customer. So we make sure we deliver your products within the agreed turn-around-times.
What are your business hours?
We work Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 - 18:00 NPT. This is 13:15 - 22:15 AEST and 23:15 - 8:15 EDT
How does Blinqlab guarantee quality?
We have a 100% quality control. That means that each and every product that we deliver is always checked by one of our Quality Controlers.
What is the order process?
You can order via your webshop linked to your personal account. This means we can add your personal products and requirements in your shop. And you can easily order them 24/7.
How can I pay for my products?
You can pay via Ideal or Paypal without any extra cost. Depending on your volume we ask you to pay directly when ordering or we send you a monthly invoice.

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