360° photos give instantly give a beautful overview of a space.
When you have multiple 360° images of a property, blinqlab makes a virtual tour within the blinq of an eye....

A 360° photo tour is just that little extra that your real estate presentation deserves.

Buyers watch your listing longer

A 360° tour provides a few important advantages:

  • Quick add-on to your 360° photos
  • Keeps viewers interested 
  • Professional way of presenting real estate
  • Can be combined with other media like a floorplan

We can create these tours with your 360° photos but also edit and sticth your RAW files if you want us to.

More fun
in VR mode

The 360° tours can be viewed with the Google Card board as well.
The only thing you need is a mobil phone and a Google Cardboard viewer. You don't even need to install any software.

Frequently Asked

What do I need to create a 360° tour?

A 360°  tour is created with 360° photos.  You can send us your panoramas and we build the tour.

Can you also edit and stitch my 360s?

Yes we can also edit and sticth your photos. Different photographers have different ways of shooting the 360s, so please contact us so we can see what process is suitable for your images.

How can i view a 360 tour with a google cardboard?

When we create a 360 tour, we send you an URL. You can open this URL with your phone. As soon as you do this, you see an icon with the "viewer".

When you click on this icon, the screens splits.
Put your phone in the google cardboard and expereice the virtual tour.

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