Are you looking for a different way to show an entire property at once? Check out our dollhouses.
Potential buyers get an immediate feel for the overall layout of the place.
And your presentation will stand out from those of your competitors.

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Dollhouse perspectives are useful to envision multi story properties such as rowhouses or apartmentbuildings.
It shows the spacial configuration of the home or buidling in one glance.

This way potential buyers can see the location of all spaces and how they are positioned in relation to each other.

Look at it
from another perspective

Based on your floorplans and facade drawings we create a 3D dollhouse. We build the 3D model, put the furniture in. After that we cut it open so you can have a look inside.
You can add the images to your listings online and priont them in your brochures.

Make your clients remember your listings by standing out from your competitors.


Your design process has never been this easy and efficient
step 1


Upload your floor plans, facades, sections and materiallist 24/7 in our webshop.

step 2


We review the information and send you a quote and any additional questions we have.

step 3


After your approval on the cost we process the required images and send them to you.

step 4


Use the image(s) in your brochures, on your website or real estate portal.

Frequently Asked

What do you need to create a dollhouse ?
To create the dollhouse perspective we need the floor plans, facades and sections.
What is the turn-around-time?
It depends a little bit on the size of the property. But usually you can expect it to be ready within 5 working days.
What output do you deliver?
Standard we send you a JPG file 2736 x 1824 px. That is big enough to print as an A3 150 DPI. Do you need anything bigger? Let us know and we'll get back to you with the possibilities.

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