By adding 2D floor plans for real estate presentations you gain more listings and sell your property faster. We are fully aware of the promise you make to your customers! That’s why we are committed to deliver high quality products at guaranteed service levels.

So let us take some load of your shoulders and assist you in providing professional 2D floorplans to your clients. That way you can focus on what you like best.

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  • 2D floor plans for real estate
  • 2D floor plans for real estate
  • 2D floor plans for real estate
  • 2D floor plans for real estate

Floor Plan

2D floor plans for real estate give a clear overview of the layout and dimensions of a property. Reproduce existing sketches & blueprints so you have a uniform presentation of all your properties.

By automating our workflow as much as possible we have time to make your floor plans made to measure. Choose your own colours, logo and template. This way the new floor plans are a perfect match to your personal brand.

From sketch to
floorplan overnight

Upload your sketch in your Blinqlab account. The next day you'll receive your professional floorplan ready to be used in your brochures, on real etate portals and on your own website

Special requests? Feel free to contact us. We are very happy to discuss your personal requirements.


Your design process has never been this easy and efficient
step 1


Sketch the floor plan or use an existing blueprint (add any amendments if necessary).

step 2


Scan in your sketch or blueprint - or take photo - and upload it 24/7  in our webshop.

step 3


Our team will produce your floor plan, check it and send it back to you within 1 business day.

step 4


You receive the JPG & PDF to use in your brochures, website and real estate portals.

Frequently Asked

What do we need to create your floorplan ?
Just a simple sketch or blueprint. The blueprint can also have remarks about changes that have been there. You can add some additional photos and/or remarks but it's not necessary.
Can we also create floor plans in your own personal style?

There is different ways we can create unique floor plans for you.

  • Use your own (brand) colours
  • Add your logo
  • Add your personal disclaimer

Do you have any requests? Contact us and we'll help you out.

What is the turn around time
Within 1 businessday we will send your floorplan.
Are corrections included?

We deliver high quality floor plans with a 100% check by our quality controlers. If we happen to make a mistake or interpret  your sketch the wrong way we correct this quickly without any cost.

For additional requests after delivering your floor plans we charge a little extra fee.

Have more questions?

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